"Back-Combing" Lashes and Other Tips From Jennifer Lopez's Makeup Artist Scott Barnes


You know how Jennifer Lopez seems to be aging backward and always looks like she’s just paid a visit to the fountain of youth (which we now know is actually olive oil)? Yep — that’s the work of makeup genius Scott Barnes — AKA J Lo’s go-to makeup artist.

If you can think of an iconic J Lo beauty look, there’s a good chance that Barnes is behind it. The singer’s 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance? That was Barnes. J Lo’s purple Oscars eyeshadow moment? Barnes was responsible for that one, too. Her Golden Globes glam? You guessed it — Barnes. Because of his impressive track record, there’s no one we trust more with our beauty questions than him.

We’ve outlined J Lo’s makeup artist’s best beauty tips, so we can try to absorb his genius. Learn from the master, ahead.

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