Cat eye nails are trending – here's all you need to know

We have all tried (and failed) the cat eye makeup trend at one point in our lives.

It’s sexy and cool and who doesn’t want to look like a chic French female?

And now, the cat eye trend has now moved onto nails.

Yes, you heard us right. Cat eye nails are now a thing – but what does the trend entail?

We asked nail artist Alice McColm (@alicemcnails) to give us the rundown on the latest craze taking the beauty world by storm.

‘Cat eye is an amazing glitter that applies as a gel polish or a powder,’ Alice tells

‘The special glitter particles are magnetic, and when a magnet is waved above the nail the polish, it can be manoeuvred into a pattern that resembles that of a glowing cat eye, a galaxy or even a luxury velvet appearance.

‘This will all depend on the placement of the magnet.’

Alice says you can try the trend all over the nail or introduce subtle hints.

‘It’s extremely versatile and can be used all-over the nail or for nail art,’ she explains.

‘You can also use it to enhance special little features such as in the middle of a heart, stars or to create the illusion of animal eyes.

‘I used the technique recently for a dragon eye with amazing results. Just ask for cat eye nails at the salon and your nail tech will know exactly what you mean.’

Meanwhile, Alice notes there are some other trending nail styles to keep an eye on over the coming months.

‘Pop art nails are massive,’ she says. ‘The ones that are based on the famous Roy Lichtenstein artwork.

‘Nails are painted in a bold colour and outlined in black with a pop of white to mimic light hitting the nail and finished in retro matte. 

‘Rainbow chromes, holographic finishes, celestial art, star signs, little stars in a high shine chrome golds and silvers on dark blue base are also becoming more popular.’

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