Eva Longoria, 45, Just Showed Off Her Toned Butt In A New Workout Instagram Pic

  • Eva Longoria, 45, just showed off her toned butt in a new workout Instagram photo.
  • The Desperate Housewives alum did weighted lunges with her foot on a trampoline.
  • The actress also does strength training and yoga to stay fit and healthy.

Eva Longoria has made it clear over the years that she doesn’t phone it in with anything, and that includes her workouts. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy every time the actress, 45, hits the gym.

In a new Instagram post, the Grand Hotel actress shared what pretty much everyone thinks when they get new activewear. “The only thing that makes morning lunges bearable is a cute outfit! 💪🏽,” she wrote in the caption. FACT.

While the Desperate Housewives alum was just showing off her outfit, it’s kinda hard to miss the fact that she looks super fit—especially her toned butt. I mean, she was doing weighted lunges for a reason, after all.

“❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥beautiful sexy gorgeous seductive attractive beauty,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Pro 🦋🦋🦋 @evalongoria 💪🏻👏🏻,” another said.


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That thing in Eva’s hand? It’s a trampoline which, she shared on Instagram earlier this week, she got from social activist Elsa Marie Collins. “This feels amazing!” the Flipped star said, once she assembled it. But, Eva added, “it does feel harder” than her old ‘line.

Eva’s been all about the trampoline workouts lately. She shared a sweet video last month of herself getting her bounce on while clutching weights in one hand and her son, Santiago’s hand, in the other. “Tried a new workout today and Santi wanted to participate!” she wrote in the caption.


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That’s not ~all~ Eva does for fitness, though. She previously told Us Weekly that she started doing some “very serious weight training,” like wide-grip lat pull-downs, spinal twists, and deadlifts, with her trainer Grant Roberts after Santiago was born. Grant and Eva have shared a ton of proof on Instagram, posting videos of Eva doing shoulder presses and sled pulls, just to name a few.


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She’s even thrown some TRX training into the mix, actually supporting her bodyweight in a set of inverted rows in one Insta video. Impressive, right?


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Aaand she’s also really good at yoga, doing inversions like a pro.


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Eva doesn’t just work out hard—she also focuses on eating well.

While Eva said she made some adjustments to her diet after having her son, cutting out carbs, alcohol, and sugar, she later told Women’s Health that she’s relaxed the rules a little. Now, lunch is often homemade pasta or chicken tacos, and, for dinner, a light soup.

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