Fans are Defending Harry Styles and His New Bowl Haircut

Harry Styles—fashion icon and imaginary boyfriend to the entire internet—just debuted a new hairstyle and his fans are divided. Known for having signature long hair flipped over to one side, Styles was spotted out in Italy this weekend sporting what appears to be a bowl cut-type hairstyle with very short front layers. He was also seen with new facial hair, too.

A day later, the singer and actor covered up his new haircut with a hat while taking selfies with fans:

It’s not the first time one of Styles’s haircuts has sent his fans into a meltdown. Back in 2017 he trimmed his hair to star in the Christopher Nolan World War II film Dunkirk. “I assumed when auditioning for a [movie] based in World War II I’d probably have to have a trim,” he told E News at the time. “It was a little breezy behind the ears, which was nice.”

Fans have been taking to Twitter to express their thoughts on his latest chop:

Some fans didn’t understand all the commotion. After all, it’s just hair:

In 2015, Styles spoke about his love for a man bun on the Alan Carr show alongside his other One Direction members. He said it took over a year to grow his hair long enough to tie into a bun—which then takes two seconds to secure. See the interview here:

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