I Tried Lawless's New One & Done Volumizing Mascara, and My Before and After Says It All

Image Source: Courtesy of Lawless

My five-minute face always includes three things: tinted sunscreen (gotta get that sun protection in), eyebrow gel, and mascara. Whether I’m running errands or hopping on a quick Zoom call, that’s what I reach for. But since I test beauty products for a living, the brands I reach for are almost always changing. One day I’m using my go-to drugstore brand and the next I’m testing the latest drop at Sephora — like the new Lawless Beauty One and Done Volumizing Mascara that just launched today.

The new product is Lawless’s first mascara formula. It’s vegan and made with clean ingredients, and as the name suggests, meant to be a “one and done” product to lengthen, define, and lift your lashes in a single coat. It comes in a cute pink tube but the first thing that catches the eye is the mascara brush itself — it’s long with short spiked bristles and a spherical-shaped tip.

The One and Done Volumizing Mascara ($25) is formulated with castor oil to hydrate; lacquer tree and rice bran wax, a lightweight, vegan alternative to beeswax, to provide lift; and Argan oil to condition lashes. I found the brush, combined with the formula, went on smooth and coated my lashes in pigment. For the sake of this experiment, I applied it to one eye first to see the before and after results and the picture speaks for itself.

Before and After Using the Lawless Beauty One and Done Volumizing Mascara

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jessica Harrington

With a single swipe my lashes instantly looked thicker and fuller. A few more swipes made them look even more dramatic. Despite being slightly thrown off – but still very intrigued — by the sphere-shaped tip at first, I found it great for defining and separating each lash if at any point they started to stick together. Because the formula is so volumizing, I also found it helpful to use a lash comb to get rid of any clumps.

Compared to other mascara formulas I’ve tried the Lawless One and Done Mascara definitely delivers on the volumizing and thickening claim, which is great if you’re going for a dramatic, falsies-like look.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jessica Harrington

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