Lush launches limited edition Stranger Things bath bomb collaboration

He may have been thought of as Hawkins’ resident oddball, but Eddie Munson reached icon status in this year’s season of Stranger Things.

Fans loved the character’s passion for all things heavy metal and Dungeons and Dragons, with Hellfire Club merchandise spanning from clothing to a new Lush bath bomb.

To celebrate Stranger Things Day – the date in 1983 that Will Byers first went missing – on November 6, Lush released a limited edition bathing duo inspired by the show.

The collaboration is made up of a set of two bombs and features some of the franchise’s most popular motifs, so you can turn a standard soak into something far stranger indeed.

The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo costs £15 and includes the D8 and The Rift bath bombs alongside a couple of collectible extras, all of which are exclusively available on the Lush UK and North America websites.

The D8 is a 3D replica of the eight-sided dice used by the Hellfire Club to play Dungeons and Dragons, featuring numbers like 11 harking back to the show.

It has the same scent as the Intergalactic bath bomb, with tingly peppermint and grapefruit to get you feeling wide awake and ready to take on Vecna.

The Rift is a pitch black bath bomb with a fiery orange split down the middle that’s reminiscent of Hawkins’ gateway to the Upside Down.

Its spicy scent features Brazilian orange oil and cinnamon, while popping candy conjures images of the gang bravely defending their town from the Mind Flayer.

Each set will also contain two limited edition, collectible playing cards, designed by Lush staff who play Dungeons and Dragons, which can be played in a real game.

It’d make the perfect gift for a fan of the show, but we won’t blame you if you keep hold of them for yourself.

Melanie Morton, Concepts Creative Director at Lush said: ‘We were in awe of the popularity of Stranger Things Season 4 so are really excited about this launch and hope the community is going to love it as much as we do. 

‘As inventors of the bath bomb, we’d love for this collaboration to provide a moment of escapism with a bathing experience full of fun and surprise. When things feel strange, there’s no shame in running a bath.’

Shop the Hellfire Club Duo for £15 at Lush.

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