Tanyel Tries: The first 'naked', solid, and plastic-free mascara

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Lush has created something quite special: the first plastic-free mascara.

It’s a solid block of mascara, going against everything we know about what a ‘healthy’ mascara should look like (creamy, and certainly free of any dry solid clumps).

You make it work by wetting a reusable mascara wand that’s provided, and then twisting it inside the block to dispense product.

It’s good for the planet, but is it good for your lashes?

This week on #TanyelTries we’re testing the first SOLID mascara by @lush – it’s good for the environment, but does it actually work? #lush #solidmascara #lushmascara #ethicalbeauty #beautytok #mascarareview #antiplastic #plasticfreemascara #plasticfree

Lush, a brand focused on ethical beauty, wants to be a part of the solution to the fact that the beauty industry is the top offender for creating plastic waste.

Of the 120 billion pieces created, 95% of beauty packaging is chucked after one use, and only 14% is recycled.

So this mascara has a noble cause – so much so, that it hurts me to say I don’t like it. Not one bit.

The marketing images show people with long, full lashes. After giving this multiple goes, I can’t see how anyone achieved that effect with this mascara.

After copious amounts of wetting and twisting the brush in the block (which was fiddly and time consuming), all I got was a light dusting of mascara, filled with tiny dry clumps.

You can’t apply it on the go as you need water at hand – so Tube makeup appliers, this won’t be one for you.

At best, a true ‘no makeup makeup’ person will enjoy this, but at worst it’s a product you really want to work, but simply doesn’t.

I was also worried about the hygiene with this. Given you’re continually wetting and drying this gigantic mascara chunk, it seems like a magnet for bacteria which thrives in water – however, Lush has an answer for that.

The cardboard box the block comes in contains a preservative – phenoxyethanol – and it’s at a level below the upper accepted level, but carefully assessed for it to be effective at preventing bacterial growth.

So all you have to do is stand it up to dry and place back in the box – so don’t bin it.

It’s a shame this doesn’t perform on par with a bottled mascara, but Lush has set the tone for a new standard in beauty eco-consciousness.

Let’s hope the next one is a hit.

Verdict: Tanyel trashed.

The mascara is currently sold out online, but retails for £10.

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