The Highest Rated Ice Cream Makers on Amazon

Summer is upon us, and long, sweltering days often mean chronic cravings for frozen treats. If you’re finding yourself stuck ordering late-night ice cream from food delivery apps, wishing you could replicate that sweet treat you’re longing for at home, it might be time to invest in a gadget or kit that makes delicious frozen treats.

There are tons of different types and models of ice cream makers available, so how do you find the machine that will make the most scream-worthy ice cream or other frozen treats? It depends on what features you want: Self-freezing automatic ice cream machines require no preparation, while less expensive machines require you to freeze a bowl in the freezer overnight before you make homemade ice cream. A fruit soft-serve machine makes dairy-free, ice-cream-like treats — a great option for vegans. Try a pack of popsicle molds with unique shapes to make something cool and simply delicious with relative ease.  No matter what your ice cream wants or needs are — there’s a frozen dessert-making gadget that is perfect for you.

Here are 11 of the highest-rated ice cream makers and other frozen treat machines on Amazon right now.

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