The Lush x Lazy Oaf collab is all you need for cosy winter nights

Love Lazy Oaf clothes? Fan of Lush bath bombs? You’re going to be *really* into this collab.

It’s cold and dreary, and that means one thing: the time for getting out of a hot bath and straight into a pair of cosy pjs is now. Handy, then, that bath bomb favourite Lush has teamed up with fashion brand Lazy Oaf to create a collection with all your winter self-care needs. 

Launching today, Lush x Lazy Oaf is a 17-item collection inspired by old-school laundrettes. It’ll be available in selected Lush shops, Lazy Oaf’s two London locations, and online at and 

So, what’s on offer? 

Take your pick from two ‘showders’, which look like laundry detergent but are in fact bubbling bath powders – Intergalactic, scented with cedarwood and peppermint, and Sleepy; a snooze-inducing lavender option. 

The 17-piece collection is available online and in selected shops

There are also bath bombs, naturally. Happy Face (which, as you’d imagine, has a smiley face on it) delivers a zesty, reviving hit, while Sad Face is the same Sleepy aroma Lush fans will already know and love.

Completing the bath bomb line-up are Wash Buddy, another Sleepy-scented bath bomb in a cheery green blob shape, and Bubble Buddy.

Joining Lush’s body spray collection is Lush x Lazy, inspired by an east end laundrette – vanilla, tobacco and clean linen. The checked in and checked out soap, in Intergalactic and Sleepy scents, respectively, make for a great way to upgrade your sink setup with trendy checkerboard prints.

Along with bath products, the collection features towels, wash bags and pyjamas.

Then we get to the really exciting bit – Lush’s first ever foray into clothing. Alas, we’re not getting a full-on fashion collection, but we are being treated to a set of pyjamas, in a classic Lazy Oaf print in acid green, plus three sock designs.

Finally, you’ll find towels, wash cloths, a sweet wash bag, and a packaway tote.

We’ve picked out our top buys from the collection ahead. 

  • Lush x Lazy Oaf Sleepy Showder

    Chuck into your tub for skin-softening suds in Lush’s much-loved Sleepy scent – think lavender, oat and tonka. 

    Shop Lush x Lazy Oaf Sleepy Showder at Lush, £15


  • Happy Face bath bomb

    A smiley face on a white exterior fizzes away to reveal bright blue and green layers. 

    Shop Happy Face Bath Bomb at Lush, £7


  • Checked In soap

    Checkerboard is in, so why not extend the print to soap? This blue and cream version will liven up your sink in a snap. 

    Shop Checked In Soap at Lush, £7


  • Lush x Lazy pyjama top and bottoms

    Could you get away with wearing the top as an out-and-about shirt? Maybe, at a push. If not, this set is just as pleasing for only-at-home wear. 

    Shop Lush x Lazy Pyjama top at Lush, £75


  • Lush x Lazy face towels

    If you’re still drying your face with the same towel you wrap around your body (or worse, your hand towels), be prepared for skincare TikTok to shout at you. Make the swap to face-only towels with this navy and blue set.

    Shop Lush x Lazy Face Towels at Lush, £15 


Images: Lush

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