This Wine Company Is Looking For A Rosé Influencer, And Anyone Can Apply

Wine purveyors Rosé All Day are looking for someone to travel to France to take photos and drink wine, and they’ll pay you to do so.

We all have our dream job. In fact, most of us probably have different levels of dream job. If you’re not already lucky enough to be doing that job, it might be as simple or as close as getting a promotion or two in your current role. The next level up from that might be something different, perhaps trying to find a way to monetize your hobby.

Whether that is possible or not entirely depends on your hobby. If you love to write or draw, then one day you might well find a way to get paid to do so, if you’re good enough. However, if the hobbies closest to your heart involve eating and drinking, chances are you won’t be getting paid to do them any time soon. Or will you?

If you’re a wine fan, and we imagine you are since you’re reading this article, then Rosé All Day might well be advertising your dream job. InStyle recently reported that the wine sellers are looking for a rosé influencer. The influencer will be tasked with traveling to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France (all expenses paid, of course) and will also receive $14,450.

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Sounds pretty good to us so far. So what will this influencer be tasked with, we hear you ask? Well, if you get the job, after your luxurious trip to France, all you’ll need to do is post one photo to Rosé All Day’s Instagram account per month for a year. That’s right, 12 little posts for a once in a lifetime trip and all that money. Now for the important part, how to enter.

To enter, all prospective influencers need to do is post a photo with the hashtag #RoseAllDay and be sure to tag @Rose_All_Day in the post too. Make sure the photo is wine-themed, of course, and the aim is to prove that you have a penchant for this kind of thing. Don’t do it just yet, though. The competition doesn’t begin until June 28, 2019, which is National Rosé Day.

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