Woman near 40 claims eating turmeric makes her look younger than she did at 20

Eating turmeric can go a long way, apparently.

A woman approaching 40 looks younger than she did in her twenties – and she claims it’s down to turmeric, a healthy diet and not stressing over things out of her control.

Though, she also has 1ml of hyaluronic acid in her smile lines every two years and 0.5ml in her lips each year… which might play a bigger role in her appearance.

She denies ever having had Botox, but has undergone radiofrequency therapy – a non-surgical skin tightening procedure – and has even bought her own machine so she can do it at home.

Adriana Krzesniak, 39, credits the wonder spice with helping her look so youthful.

But other things have helped too, such as smothering her skin in SPF, as sun damage is the number one factor in skin ageing.

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Adriana felt she was given a ‘second life’ after leaving her husband and starting again in Stuttgart, Germany – finally pursuing her dream career in fashion.

She started reading self-help books and this helped her stop stressing about things out of her control.

Adriana, a visual merchandiser, originally from a small town outside of Warsaw, Poland, said: ‘In my 20s I always had this impression I had something to prove and there was so many expectations and now I am more at peace with myself and I have stopped stressing.

‘I started reading self help books and decided to stop looking for validation in other people.

‘My skincare routine is very simple, I swear by superfoods, water and SPF.

‘The last time I was stressed was when I went through my divorce in 2016.

‘I’ve been through IVF and have miscarried twice, but I keep a positive mindset as is something so out of my control.’

Six years ago she divorced her ex and life began anew.

‘I look younger than I did in my twenties now I’m approaching my forties,’ Adriana said.

‘My smile lines have changed the shape of my face and have made me look younger.

‘A 24-year-old at work asked me out on a date the other week, I said I have a husband and was too old for him.

‘When I told him my age, he was shocked, he thought I was 22.’

She also wonders if the fact she sleeps without a pillow has stopped her developing wrinkles.

‘When I was 12 I had scoliosis and my mum told me to sleep flat on my back without a back, and that is the way I have slept ever since,’ she said.

‘I don’t wake up with sleep lines so maybe this could have had an effect.’

Adriana also drinks lots of water – at least two and a half litres a day – and has a healthy balanced diet, eating lots of superfoods including: turmeric, black cumin oil, millet and nutritional yeast.

She only eats meat two to three times a week and won’t touch processed kinds.

Every day she tucks into buckwheat porridge, with millet and turmeric – followed by something light such as avocado on toast.

She also uses retinol serum every day after she has cleansed with micellar water and a moisturiser – and she uses a face mask once or twice a month.

Adriana’s top tips for youthful looks

  • Eating turmeric, millet, nutritional yeast and black cumin oil
  • Drink at least two and a half litres of water a day
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Strop stressing about things out of your control

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