Amazon Apologizes & Walks Back Its Denial About Drivers Peeing In Bottles: 'We're Unhappy About It'

Amazon is finally walking back what was a very ugly moment for the company late last month.

The international retailer got into a spat with Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin in late March, criticizing a comment he made about the company’s drivers allegedly having to resort to peeing in bottles while on their route instead of spending time finding a bathroom along the way.

If you saw the initial tweet from March 24, you’ll remember how the company’s @AmazonNews account harshly criticized Pocan’s assertion of how they treat their employees amid a larger discussion about possible unionization of an Amazon facility in Alabama (below):

That tweet got a ton of attention at the time — not only for the content, with supposed former workers alleging people do pee in bottles — but also for the tone of the response, which was particularly unbecoming of a corporate Twitter account.

Now, two weeks (!) later, Amazon is at least acknowledging that they f**ked up. And it looks like they are acknowledging the fact that peeing in bottles is a real thing for their drivers and workers, too!

In a blog post on the company’s official website over the weekend, Amazon officials wrote (below):

“This was an own-goal, we’re unhappy about it, and we owe an apology to Representative Pocan.

First, the tweet was incorrect. It did not contemplate our large driver population and instead wrongly focused only on our fulfillment centers. A typical Amazon fulfillment center has dozens of restrooms, and employees are able to step away from their work station at any time. If any employee in a fulfillment center has a different experience, we encourage them to speak to their manager and we’ll work to fix it.”

And they continued on:

“Second, our process was flawed. The tweet did not receive proper scrutiny. We need to hold ourselves to an extremely high accuracy bar at all times, and that is especially so when we are criticizing the comments of others.

Third, we know that drivers can and do have trouble finding restrooms because of traffic or sometimes rural routes, and this has been especially the case during Covid when many public restrooms have been closed …

Regardless of the fact that this is industry-wide, we would like to solve it. We don’t yet know how, but will look for solutions. We will continue to speak out when misrepresented, but we will also work hard to always be accurate. We apologize to Representative Pocan.”


Better late than never, we suppose? And at least by acknowledging the problem, perhaps the company can do something about fixing it?!

Still, it’s a lot of corporate-speak when simply going the extra mile to treat their workers better (and give them bathroom breaks and access to toilets!) would’ve solved this whole problem before it became a viral mess! Just saying!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Where do y’all stand on this persistent pee problem?? Share your take with us down in the comments (below)…

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