Archie Windsor only met his first cousins (the Cambridges) when he was 2 months old?

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Deep sigh… with the Duchess of Sussex on maternity leave for the summer and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their summer vacation, of course dumb stories are going to pop up. I tried to write about the one “younger royal” who is doing work (Harry making an appearance with Jane Goodall) and the fake royal news even invaded those comments. So, here we go: did Meghan refuse to introduce Private Archie to his first cousins, the Cambridge kids, for two months?

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis met their cousin Archie for the first time as their fathers competed in a charity polo match, it has emerged. The Cambridge children didn’t meet baby Archie for the first two months of his life, royal correspondent Emily Andrews told Yahoo’s Royal Box, and were first introduced at the Billingbear Polo Club in Berkshire, earlier in July.

‘It was interesting actually, that polo match, because it was the first time that Charlotte and George had actually met Archie,’ she said. Photos of the day showed Prince George, 6, standing alongside new mother Meghan Markle, 37, while Prince Louis, 15 months, appeared to blow a kiss to baby Archie.

Emily Andrews explained: ‘They hadn’t actually met him for two months, so that polo match was lovely.’

While the charity polo match was the first time the Cambridge children met their cousin, Prince William and Kate are believed to have visited Frogmore Cottage eight days after he was born. She added: ‘Yes Kate and Will had been there to see Archie at Frogmore Cottage, but they hadn’t taken their children with them. So that was the moment at the polo match where all three of the Cambridge kids got to meet Archie.’

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First of all, I don’t believe this – many people believe that Meghan and Harry actually brought Archie to Trooping the Colour in June, just about a month after Archie was born. Meghan would have needed to breastfeed, and so Archie was kept in the palace with a nanny or helper while the Sussexes did their thing at Trooping. The Cambridge kids were also at Trooping. Why wouldn’t they have met then? And even if they didn’t meet at Trooping and it really did take two months… so what? It’s not like the Sussexes and Cambridges are still neighbors, and the Cambridge kids have school schedules and all that. Besides, most little kids aren’t all that interested in babies anyway. Last thing: germs. Kids are germ laboratories.

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