Astroworld Critics Point Out How Some Artists React to Distressed Fans

Travis Scott is taking heat for apparently not reacting appropriately to scores of fans who were in distress, unlike other musicians who critics feel handled similar scenarios better.

A few different clips are making the rounds Sunday … posted by folks who are pissed at TS for seemingly dragging his feet in shutting down his set as people in the crowd were dropping like flies all around him — something Travis says he was not fully aware of.

However, many aren’t buying that — and feel he could’ve (and should’ve) done better, like Dave Grohl once did, or Billie Eilish once did … or even like Playboi Carti did a few months ago.

The first video that’s being compared to the Astroworld fiasco is a concert DG and the Foo Fighters put on in 2018 down in Minnesota … where the frontman stopped the show to a dead halt to address a kid he saw near the front who didn’t have a seat.

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Dave moved mountains mid-performance to accommodate the boy and his parent — something the child’s folks appreciated after the fact. Not entirely the same as what went down at Astroworld, but it just shows … Dave is aware of his audience even while playing.

Then, there’s Billie … who also paused her concert in 2018 over in Stockholm after fans in the crowd pointed out to her that someone had passed out, with BE handing down water from the stage and making sure the girl was alright. This didn’t appear to be nearly as packed as Travis’ concert was — but still, people are making the comparison.

Finally, we have Playboi … who paused his set over the summer at Lollapalooza after a stagehand rushed up to him as he was taking center stage to tell him folks were going unconscious — something PC literally addressed to the crowd right on the spot.

To be fair to Travis … there are countless instances of big concerts continuing on as people fell ill or unconscious or anything else out in the sea of bodies — something the performing artist cannot always see or take notice of considering the circumstances, even if it’s up close.

The most prominent example of this occurring — namely, the show carrying while chaos unfolded down below — is Michael Jackson … who would often cause fans to pass out/faint/convulse just seeing him … which would require them to be carried out and away.

We’re not aware of too many instances where Mike stopped everything to check on one fan — and, frankly, that’s not really realistic to expect either for a concert of that size.

The same might apply to Travis as well … depending on who you talk to, of course.

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