Ayesha Curry Is Responding After Backlash From Her Claims Of Not Getting Enough "Male Attention"

Ayesha Curry began the week by admitting she hates her husband Steph Curry’s groupies. Then, she admitted that she’s mad because she doesn’t have any groupies. Now, after the internet roasted her like a pan of potatoes, she’s back to tell anyone who has a problem with her feelings to go to hell!

While Steph is on the road trying to defend his team’s title, Ayesha is also defending her title as Most Oversharing Wife Ever, because she will not let this shit go. BET reports that in a lengthy proclamation to her Instagram page Ayesha has had it with the trolls and troglodytes who want to shame her into feeling bad for sometimes feeling bad. And rather than cry and do a wall slide wondering why nobody likes her, Ayesha is ready to snap on bitches and make them disappear like Thanos.


I guess she told us! But this is what fuels the internet. A famous person says some shit, everyone slams them for saying some shit, said famous person slams everyone back for slamming them for saying some shit, and that repeats a dozen times. It’s what makes the internet go ’round!

Pic: Wenn.com

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