Bob Saget 'Died In His Sleep': 'No Foul Play, Nothing Odd At All' Prior To Death

Fans and celebs alike are still reeling from the Sunday evening news of Bob Saget‘s untimely and unexpected death, and it doesn’t appear as though we’ll have answers any time soon as to what caused it.

As we’ve been reporting, the Full House alum and longtime stand-up comedian died unexpectedly early Sunday morning in his room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel and resort in Orlando, Florida.

As to be expected, the America’s Funniest Home Videos legend’s passing has left his surviving family reeling. High-profile celeb pals like Pete Davidson are also sharing uplifting stories about TV dad Danny Tanner’s real-life fatherly qualities, too, further proving how beloved Bob was during his time in this world.

And now, insiders are coming forward with more information about the 65-year-old star’s heartbreaking passing. One insider spoke to about the Fuller House star’s status in the hours leading up to his death, and it sounds like this tragedy truly came out of left field.

Relaying what close connections have been told so far about Saget’s sad situation, the insider explained how family members were not aware of any underlying health conditions that could have caused such an abrupt passing.

The source revealed:

“There was no foul play, nothing odd at all. All we have been told is that he died in his sleep.”

The source continued:

“We are all just devastated. I talked to him Saturday afternoon. He had a great show Saturday night. He was the most generous, lovely guy. It’s just tragic.”

Oof. Truly, truly tragic indeed.

All known social media and investigative activity appears to corroborate that statement at this point, as well. For one, as you’ll recall from our prior reporting, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando explicitly noted in their initial release of the news that they found “no signs of foul play or drug use” upon discovering Saget’s body in the hotel room.

Furthermore, the star himself gave no indication that anything was amiss in the hours leading up to his death. Just after midnight local time on Sunday morning, Saget posted a selfie on his Instagram account relaying a sweet message about a stand-up show he had just completed in the city of Jacksonville.

Writing to his fans about the performance, the beloved Full House legend shared that he was feeling good about his physical health in that long set. Hauntingly, the comic relayed that he was “back in comedy like I was when I was 26,” writing (below):

“I had no idea I did a two hour set tonight. I’m back in comedy like I was when I was 26. I guess I’m finding my new voice and loving every moment of it. … Goin’ everywhere until I get the special shot. And then probably keep going cause I’m addicted to this s**t. Peace out.”

So sad, knowing what would happen hours later in that hotel room in nearby Orlando. Truly, all outward indications would seem to show that absolutely no one was expecting to lose Saget on Sunday.

We continue to send all of our love to the TV sitcom icon’s family, friends, and loved ones.

Rest In Peace…

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