Britney Spears’ Mom’s Attorney Approved In Conservatorship Case

Britney Spears’ mom requested to be informed of her daughter’s conservatorship case and demanded her own attorney attend an upcoming hearing. Now, can exclusively reveal Lynne’s request has been approved.

In court on Wednesday, May 8, a Los Angeles judge approved Lynne’s motion to have her attorney on the conservatorship case. Lynne and her attorney will now be part of the hearings.

As Radar reported, the singer’s mother filed a Declaration of Urgency on Tuesday, May 7, Lynne is requesting the court permit an order to have one of her attorneys, Gladstone N. Jones III, appear at the Status Hearing set for Friday, May 10.

“Consistent with California Rules of Court, ex parte relief is available in exigent circumstances if there is an affirmative factual showing based on personal knowledge of irreparable harm or immediate danger to the conservatee or estate,” the filing read.

The request continued, “Lynne Spears had no opportunity to set this matter on the regular motion calendar and it is in the Conversatee’s best interest to allow Lynne Spears to have a voice at the Status Hearing.”

The filing came after Lynne requested to be notified of all matters on the case.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has been in control of her conservatorship ever since she suffered a public mental breakdown in 2007.

The 37-year-old singer checked into a mental wellness center in April amid her father’s health troubles.

While in rehab, fans started the hashtag #FreeBritney to raise awareness and save her. Britney’s mom “liked” several of the #FreeBritney posts on Instagram.

But a source previously told Radar that Lynne is “looking out for herself.”

To add to the legal drama, Britney filed a request for a temporary restraining order against ex-manager Sam Lutfi. She is seeking protection for herself, mother, father and two sons.

Spears’ legal team claimed Lutfi caused her “severe mental trauma.”

Radar can reveal a judge is currently meeting with all parties to decide if the temporary restraining will be approved in a closed door hearing.

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