Britney Spears’ Team Argues Sam Lutfi Harassed Courtney Love

Britney Spears recently filed a request for a temporary restraining order against her ex-manager, Sam Lutfi. Now, in new documents obtained by Radar, the singer’s legal team is arguing that Courtney Love was also harassed by the manager.

According to court documents filed in Los Angeles, Calif., Britney’s lawyers claimed Kurt Cobain’s ex also required court intervention “to protect herself from Lutfi.”

“It has been widely reported that on or about December 10, 2018, Courtney Love was granted a restraining order against Mr. Lutfi for threatening behavior after Mr. Lutfi told Courtney Love to ‘choke on opiates and die!’” the documents claimed.

In the restraining order request, originally reported by The Blast, Britney, 37, is seeking protection for herself, her father, mother and two sons. Spears’ lawyers claimed Lutfi has caused the singer “severe mental trauma.”

Lutfi’s alleged terrifying behavior comes at a time of distress for Britney. As readers know, Britney was just released from a mental health facility.

Then, on Monday, May 6, Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, 64, filed a Request for Special Notice with Los Angeles Superior Court, asking to be informed about everything regarding the singer’s upcoming May 10 conservatorship hearing.

Britney fans caused an uproar on social media last month when the hashtag #FreeBritney went viral. Fans accused her sick father and conservator of her estate, Jamie, 66, of keeping her in a facility against her will. Britney denied all of the rumors.

The May 10 hearing will reveal more of Britney’s conservatorship battle. Insiders previously spilled to Radar that despite her wanting access to her money, her loved ones don’t believe she’s ready for that responsibility.

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