Brittany Banks: I Can’t BELIEVE How I Acted on 90 Day Fiance!

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira tried to undo the damage from a disastrous family meeting.

Now, months after this was filmed, Brittany admits that she cannot believe some of the things that she said and did in Jordan.

Brittany Banks did an interview with Fox News this week to talk about her experiences in Jordan.

“You can just travel to another country just to get a new experience,” Brittany explains.

Certainly, she is much more open to new experiences than many — from xenophobes to the overly cautious.

“And, you know, we all Google things,” Brittany notes.

She is referring to the difference between local laws and cultural expectations and the reality of meeting someone’s family.

“But then when we go,” she continues, “it’s never how we read it to be.”

“So I think just for me to be able to go over there and meet them and experience it that way,” Brittany reflects.

She expresses that “it was different.”

Brittany had even been to Jordan before without issue. It was Yazan’s family that made all of the difference.

Britteny very diplomatically likens it to “a hands-on learning experience”

She says that this was an immersive learning instance “rather than it being talked through to me over the phone.”

That makes a lot of sense. It’s just that most of us learn by traveling, not by traveling to get married.

Watching herself play back on this season has been quite something for Brittany.

“There are some times I was being very selfish,” she observes.

Brittany confesses: “I wasn’t really thinking of others.” The only time that this comes to mind is harboring the secret of her incomplete divorce.

“And so that’s something that I’m learning a lot about,” Brittany remakrs.

“So,” she adds, “I really do appreciate the playback.”

A lot of people never get the chance to see their own lives play out through the unflinching eye of the camera.

“Sometimes it’s funny,” Brittany expresses, “because can’t believe I said certain things.”

She continues, confessing: “or I can’t believe certain things happened.”

“But,” she establishes, “it’s kind of awesome to have that playback.”

Some reality stars have found that watching their own lives and relationships played back for them is more of a curse.

After all, some couples have an easy time forgetting or overlooking rudeness from their partners until it plays out on international television for millions to watch and see.

When something is caught on film, it’s there forever. You can’t really overlook how someone treated you.

And yet, astoundingly, Brittany and Yazan appear to still be together despite their considerable differences and multiple public fights.

Most of us, I think (I hope!) would have broken up with Yazan after the rude way that he cursed and yelled at Brittany on the night that she arrived in Jordan.

No matter his issues — though we know what they were — that is not acceptable, for any reason, ever. Automatic dealbreaker … but not for Brittany.

Brittany went on to endure more yelling, this time not even in English, when she met Yazan’s parents.

His dad had an issue with Brittany’s request to delay the wedding and her social media presence.

His mother laid into Brittany for not meekly allowing Yazan to call her “baby,” something that she had repeatedly told him to stop doing.

Yazan’s issue, as his uncle seemed to realize, is that he is trying to appease both sides by not telling them everything.

He was dishonest with his parents, leading them to expect that Brittany was ready to convert to Islam and live modestly.

He was dishonest with Brittany, not conveying his parents’ expectations. He was also dishonest with himself about how all parties involved would act.

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