Cardi B Twerks at Kulture's Elaborate 3rd Birthday Party

Cardi B and Offset seemingly spared no expense when it came to celebrating their daughter’s birthday. The pair’s daughter Kulture turned 3 over the weekend, and marked the occasion with an elaborate party that included Disney princesses, a crab leg tower and Cardi twerking on the dance floor. 

Cardi shared it all on her Instagram Story, starting with Kulture’s fabulous arrival to the party. The toddler was chauffeured to the venue via carriage ride with her parents — and matched her mom in a poofy, Princess-like pink dress.

Omg Kulture is so beautiful 😭💕

Cardi, Offset, Kulture & Fluffy’s arrival was so adorable 😩❤️

Birthday girl Kulture looks so beautiful 💕

Kulture meeting Disney princesses at her 3rd birthday party with friends & family 🥺❤️

They all look so good 🥺😍

The “I Like It” rapper couldn’t stop raving about how “beautiful” Kulture and her party were — until she walked through a balloon tunnel and caught sight of a crab leg tower. 

“Oh snap! What is that? Is that a crab leg tower?” Cardi hilariously asked on her Instagram Story. “This is a crab leg tower!” 

When I tell you I am SCREAMING at @iamcardib immediately zooming in on the crab leg tower!!!!! 🤣🤣💀

The over-the-top party had entertainment for kids and adults — with Cardi later taking off her tulle skirt to reveal a skin-tight pink ensemble. The soon-to-be mom of two sang along to her own songs at the party, and got to twerking and grinding on the dance floor.

Cardi turning up to “Type Sh*t” at Kulture’s birthday party. 😍

Cardi & Offset at Kulture’s 3rd Birthday party. ❤️

See more from the party below. 

So cute 🥺💗

Kulture being sung happy birthday at her 3rd birthday party today 💕💕

Cardi and her family & friends doing the “El Juidero” dance.

Cardi and Offset are currently expecting their second child together, and revealed their pregnancy at the 2021 BET Awards last month. This will be the fifth child for Offset, who also has three kids from previous relationships. 

See more in the video below. 

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