Chelsea Handler Injured After Scary Skiing Accident!!

Chelsea Handler’s taking a beating up in Canada!

As you may know, the comedienne relocated to the Great White North for the winter, where she has been enjoying a socially distant skiing season. Chelsea’s showed off a lot of her impressive athletic feats on Instagram, but you know what they say — it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Unfortunately, that someone is the former talk show host this time around. After a day of what looked like pretty rigorous skiing from her IG Story, she updated fans with a few injuries she had collected.

She explained:

“I have a torn meniscus, two broken toes, I think. One’s definitely broken the other might just be in a bad mood, and my arm broke a tree, so…”

She trailed off with a sigh, before adding:

“But I can ski down almost anything now.”

Wow! That’s a positive spin on what sounds like some pretty rough injuries. We’re glad she’s okay and feeling upbeat after that!

Earlier, the 46-year-old had documented some more skiing ups and downs (no pun intended). In one clip with half of her body in the snow, she laughed:

“I ski so many days a year and I keep falling like this! … I skied into one tree today, and ski patrol was skiing with me… I mean it’s just ridiculous. I get no respect on the mountain.”

Elsewhere, she praised her ski guide Kelly Booth Jackson, who she said “has kicked my ass from January to March and has dragged my ass through some serious s**t.”

The television personality has shared a lot of her exploits throughout the season on social media, including some that we wouldn’t suggest trying at home. We mean, skiing in the nude with a joint in one hand and a drink in the other looks badass, but we imagine it could also lead to a pretty nasty injury if you’re not careful.

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But now that Chelsea has conquered the slopes, she’s ready for her next venture — doling out advice. She chatted about the new project in another Instagram post last week, encouraging fans to email her their questions. She captioned the vid:

“Have you been looking for advice? Do you want it to come from someone with large breasts who you can’t trust? I can be that person for you. I am working on a new project where I answer your questions and give you advice.”

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Well, assuming that torn meniscus has her off the mountain for a while, it seems like she’ll have some time on her hands to really delve into fans’ problems! Wishing her a speedy recovery.

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