Chelsea Houska: I’m Never Getting Pregnant AGAIN!

Sure, Chelsea Houska is leaving Teen Mom 2, but that doesn’t mean she’s done speaking her truth to an audience of millions.

In fact, she might be more candid on her Instagram page than she ever was on the show!

Don’t get us wrong, most of the content Chelsea shares is about how lucky she’s been and how awesome her life is.

But that doesn’t mean Chelsea never encounters difficulty in her fairy tale life with Cole DeBoer in South Dakota.

For example, Chelsea is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

And while she’s obviously overjoyed to be welcoming another bundle of joy, she’s also been open about two difficult aspects of this pregnancy:

1. It’s frightening to be welcoming a child amid a global pandemic, especially when you just walked away from your primary source of income.

2. This pregnancy has been taking quite a toll on her physically.

Amazingly, when Chelsea complained of back pain recently, some fans took issue with the gripe.

They argued that it’s too early in the pregnancy for Chelsea to be experiencing such symptoms, which is an argument that grows more and more absurd the longer you think about it.

For one thing, this is Chelsea’s fourth pregnancy.

Why is anyone doubting her ability to self-diagnose back pain caused by pregnancy?

On top of that, have we learned nothing from nine months of grappling with a virus that appears to affect everyone differently?

Most of the time, when someone tells you they’re suffering from some sort of ailment, it’s best to just believe them and express your sympathy.

Anyway, the pointless trash talk thankfully hasn’t discouraged Chelsea from offering further updates about her pregnancy.

Houska shared the pic below this week along with a lengthy and refreshingly frank description of how she’s feeling.

“Ohhhhh baby. I’ve been SO emotional this pregnancy,” Houska began.

“Everything I buy im like oh my gosh what if this really IS the last time buying tiny little newborn items I’m soaking in all the kicks, swollen ankles and back pain this time around because I really am just so grateful,” she continued.

“I’m the luckiest mama.”

Though Chelsea made no mention of the backlash to her previous post, this one seems to be a subtle response to the criticism.

She’s still acknowledging the aches and pains, but she’s pointing out that those feelings in no way detract from the experience of being pregnant.

In fact, it seems she’s aware that she’ll soon miss the aching back and the swollen ankles, as she’ll forever associate those feelings with the excitement of welcoming a new life into the world.

Chelsea isn’t saying with absolute certainty that this is her final pregnancy, but it sounds as though she’s preparing for that possibility.

She’s still young, of course, but four kids is a lot, and at the moment Chelsea and Cole’s financial future is somewhat uncertain.

We’re sure they’ll do fine with their various business interests, but they won’t have two sizable MTV paychecks rolling into the household every month.

But who knows? Maybe Chelsea will land a spin-off deal and get richer than ever!

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