Chris Brown Unhappy With Joe Biden Amid Talks About Tax Increase

As the ‘No Guidance’ singer expresses his displease with the president, many social media users slam the star over his hypocrisy because he’s one of the riches that are going to be taxed higher.

AceShowbizChris Brown has criticized Joe Biden and his presidency. Having rarely voiced his opinions on politics, the R&B star has expressed his displease with the 46th president of the United States amid his proposed tax plans.

Taking to his Instagram Story on Tuesday, September 14, the “Look at Me Now” hitmaker asked for solidarity as he posed the question, “Y’all happy with Biden?” He made it clear that it wasn’t a rhetoric question as he cryptically added, “Because ummm wtf?”

Instead of getting support, Breezy has received a lot of backlash for his apparent hypocrisy. While he didn’t mention the reason why he is unhappy with Biden, many speculated that it’s because the 32-year-old star is one of the riches that are going to be taxed higher.

“Been quiet all this time but once Biden start talking about taxing the rich he starts talking lol,” one noted. Another remarked, “The rich ppl upset cuz taxes are higher on them.” A third similarly commented, “The rich about to get taxed and they are MAD.”

“He just mad Biden raising his taxes … you’ll be ok TinkTink!” a fourth mocked Breezy. Someone slammed him, “Now he hate Joe cause he wanna tax the rich.” Echoing the sentiment, another pointed out, “Well he is the rich that’s being taxed.” Someone else wrote, “He mad cause Biden bout to make him pay those rich people taxes.”

Disagreeing with Breezy, one replied to his question, “Them rich folks mad cause Unk Joe is coming for their pockets..that’s a rich problem to me we like Biden still.. yall must have forgotten about the last four horrible years.”

Another said, “I don’t have a problem with Biden. I believe he’s done a lot of productive and beneficial things, since he’s been in office! I’ll stand alone.. I don’t mind.” Someone else stated, “He’s better than Trump, so yes!”

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