Cole Sprouse Says It's Time to "Piss Off" Teenage Fans By Posting His Girlfriend to Insta

Cole Sprouse and his new-ish girlfriend Ari Fournier just went Instagram official-ish. By which I mean Cole posted a gorgeous photo of Ari to his grid (a first!) and tagged her, captioning the pic “Tippi and the burds.”

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According to E! News, the Riverdale actor shared more BTS photos of Ari on his Insta Story, and joked that it’s “Time to piss off the 14yos again.”

Cole (who split up with Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart last May) and Ari went public with their relationship back in March. Or at least, that’s when Page Six first spotted them on a date in Vancouver, where they were photographed walking around while Cole vaped and Ari wore black leather trench coat.

Ari is a professional model and is pretty private—but she does have a YouTube channel, where she’s opened up about modeling and growing up on a farm. In one video, she says “I actually grew up on a farm with horses. I actually grew up literally riding horses out in the countryside. It was just simple. Horses, dogs, and cats, it was just the most simple childhood. Honestly, I’m so grateful for that now because I live such an intense life. I’m really happy that I have a good grounded upbringing in my life baggage.”

Get to know her better below (’cause yes, we did a deep dive):

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