David Beckham Punished In Handsomest Court Appearance Ever

Good news, bad news for David Beckham … 

The bad news — the soccer legend just got hit with a 6-month driving ban in London after being caught using his cell phone behind the wheel back in November.

The good news — the 43-year-old turned the courtroom into a catwalk and strutted into court looking BEAUTIFUL.

Officials say the square-jawed superstar was chatting away on his celly while pushing a $130,000 Bentley in Central London on Nov. 21 — and just like in Los Angeles, that’s a big no-no across the pond these days. 

During his appearance at Bromley Magistrates Court, Beckham — wearing a sharp charcoal suit with a white shirt and black tie — was ordered to pay a $1,100 fine and had his driving license suspended for 6 months. 

Of course, Beckham has so much money, he can afford a driver to take him anywhere he wants to go for the next 6 months … so, no biggie for Becks. 

Beautiful man though. Seriously. 

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