Denise Richards Reveals Hubby’s Shocking Reaction After She Boasted About His Manhood On ‘RHOBH’

Denise Richards’ husband Aaron Phypers had a very strong reaction to her blabbing to her ‘RHOBH’ co-stars about the size of his private parts.

Denise Richards, 48, says that her husband gave her “an earful” for telling her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars that he has a “very big penis.” The former Bond girl made the comment about her man, Aaron Phypers, 46, in a restaurant, while the cameras were rolling in an episode that aired on March 12. He was sitting in front of her when she blabbed but, on the ride home from the meal with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, Denise’s husband expressed his shock at her behavior.

During the May 14 RHOBH after show, Denise revealed Aaron’s embarrassment during a conversation with Lisa Rinna. “He was squeezing my knee under the table so hard, my knee cap almost popped off,” she said. “And I got an earful in the car on the way home, because of his mom.” Denise admitted that she doesn’t know whether or not her mother-in-law saw the episode or heard about her comments, but she revealed exactly what Aaron’s response was away from the cameras. “[On] the ride home…he was like, ‘What the f***?’” Denise said.

She added, “I was like, ‘What do you mean, what the f***?’ He goes, ‘Why would you say that? My mom can’t watch this show.’ I go, ‘No s***. What makes you think she could f***ing watch the show? Like, you’re just now realizing this. Have her call my father. He learned long ago, either you don’t watch stuff or you just let it roll off the back.’”

Fans who watched the March 12 episode saw Denise explain to Lisa, 58, and Kyle, 50, what attracted her to Aaron. “I thought he was very cute and I wanted to f*** him,” she gushed. “I just wanted to have sex with him.” She also added, “Well he has a very big penis.” Aaron went beetroot red. During a confessional Denise expanded upon her comment, saying, “I never took a f***ing ruler to it, but he does have a big penis and I’ve seen some penises in my life, and I will say he has the biggest penis I’ve ever been with.”

During the May 15 after show, Denise – who divorced her first husband Charlie Sheen in 2006 – revealed that she has told other pals about Aaron’s penis size before. “I’ve told this story before to other friends,” the mom-of-three told Lisa. “Just he wasn’t sitting right there so he got a little red faced. But, do you know what, he secretly f***ing likes it. What guy wouldn’t want their woman to talk about the size of their c***?”

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