Dog Poops On Basketball Court During Louisville Halftime Show

When you gotta go, ya gotta go … and that’s exactly what one adorable pooch did while performing during the halftime performance at a college basketball game!!

The whole bathroom break was caught on camera by one of the hoop fans in the stands — showing the cute canine doing tricks with a frisbee for the Virginia Tech-Louisville game on Tuesday.

But the show eventually started to stink — literally — when the dog walked up to its trainer near the baseline to do another move … when out of nowhere, it pops a squat and lets it all out!!

The trainer quickly reacted and grabbed the dog, but the doo doo still remained … and the crowd’s reaction was priceless.

To add to the crappy night, the Cardinals lost again, making it their third consecutive loss. They currently hold a 4-26 record under new head coach Kenny Payne.

FYI, this ain’t the first time a dog has dropped a deuce at a sporting event … Klay Thompson‘s dog did it at Dodger Stadium in 2016, and a Philadelphia Police Department K-9 handled its business right on the Flyers’ center-ice logo in 2021.

Hey, s*** happens.

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