‘Don’t even think about it!’ Dick Strawbridge warns Angel Adoree over new Chateau ideas

Dick Strawbridge tells Angel ‘don’t even think about it’

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Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree returned tonight for a new episode of Escape to the Chateau: Make and Mend. However, Dick had to jokingly stop his wife from getting too carried away with some plans for their home.

The series sees Dick and Angel helping viewers with their own DIY ideas.

Filmed remotely, the couple chat to people via video chat as they share their renovation knowledge.

On the latest episode, Angel was left excited when one of the guests on the show revealed she was hoping to create a Speakeasy in her basement.

As a lover of all things vintage, Angel was only too happy to help with the plans.

However, Dick was on hand to warn his wife not to think about changing their own home.

The couple has a boudoir already but Angel pleaded with Dick if there was any space for a speakeasy as well.

Angel asked: “Do we have anywhere…”

However, before she could even finish her sentence Dick told her, “No!”.

He then warned her during the exchange: “Don’t even think about it!

“We can’t have a speakeasy in our cellar.”

Angel laughed the moment off as she ended her call with the guest.

Elsewhere in the show, Angel helped another fan who was stuck over what to do for her wedding bouquet.

She explained how she had really bad hayfever and was hoping to create one where she wouldn’t have to worry.

The guest was also inspired by the 1920s and explained how she wanted to incorporate her late grandmother’s style into the bouquet.

The final product was beautiful as she helped them create paper flowers for a vintage look.

Dick has also been interacting with his fans on Twitter.

The television star urged his 82,000 followers to vote for “his girl” as they face each other at the National Reality Television Awards.

He wrote: “It’s getting interesting Angela and I have both been shortlisted Reality Personality of the Year 2021 National Reality TV Awards.

“Can I ask you to vote again, please?

“To quote Highlander ‘there can only be one’- so I’d love it if you’d vote for my girl.”

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