Emilia Clarke Says Episode 5 Will Be Even BIGGER Than the Battle of Winterfell

Remember that time Game of Thrones spent 55 nights shooting the most epic battle in TV history? The one that involved three dragons (one of them an ice zombie), about a bazillion undead soldiers, and Arya turning the Night King into a big ol’ pile of glass? Well, apparently it’s nothing compared to what happens in episode five of the HBO series’ eighth and final season.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen) teased something even “bigger” happening later in the season—namely, on episode five. It seems pretty hard to believe after the spectacle that was the Battle of Winterfell, but if any show can pull it off, it’s Game of Thrones.

Toward the end of the interview, Kimmel told Clarke he was so excited to see the remaining three episodes.

“Which are going to be mental,” Clarke said, cutting in. “Episode five is bigger. Episode five is…[dramatic exhale noise].” Um, care to share more, Emilia?

Clarke continued, “I mean, episode four and five and six, they’re all insane, but like…”

“… Five is where something crazy happens?” Kimmel asked.

At that point, Clarke made a sort of explosion gesture with her arms. “Find the biggest TV you can,” she said.

Um, what could possibly happen that’s bigger than what we’ve already seen? Obviously, the show is gearing up for a showdown between our heroes in the North and our villains down in King’s Landing. Maybe Arya jumps outta nowhere and kills like 497 more people. Maybe Dany’s dragons fight The Mountain’s resurrected corpse. Truly, on this show, anything can happen.

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