Emily Ratajkowski Reacts To Mommy Shamers Picking Apart Controversial Photo!

Emily Ratajkowski is dealing with some serious haters right now — and her response is probably exactly correct.

The supermodel mommy shared a set of photos on her Instagram on Sunday, the day before her big 30th birthday, showing off her son Sylvester Apollo Bear — and of course, as usual, her enviable post-baby bikini body as well.

She wrote:

“Bday eve with the dream vacation partner”

But the issue critics had wasn’t with the sentiment — it was with the pose. See for yourself (below):


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

The internet was flooded with commenters judging how EmRata was holding her little guy — specifically appearing to not support the head/neck, or as one Twitter user put it, “like an accessory.”

See what some other twitics had to say:

“How can a mother hold her baby like that wtf”

“not to mom police but the way emily ratajkowski is holding her baby in that one picture is anxiety inducing

“The way Emily Ratajkowski holds that baby should cause an immediate visit from CPS.”

“NO neck support lmfaooo wtf”

“Ok ik it’s mommy s**t to hold a baby with one arm and it’s not a new born but she could hold him better than a rag”

“I think she is more interested in her “look” than the poor baby.”

“Emily Ratajkowski for The Cut: Why holding my baby like a bag of potatoes is a radical demonstration of women’s power and agency in the business world (i was doing it to show my bikini from my bikini like inamorata)”

Several juxtaposed the new photo with this one of her holding her puppy from 2019, which they also called out as engineered to show off the boobs and NOT to support the animal comfortably:


A post shared by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata)

Even Piers Morgan got in on the mommy-shaming, writing on Monday morning:

“That’s not how you hold a baby @emrata – and your millions of followers shouldn’t be encouraged to do the same. Happy to give you some tips if you need them.”

She could always put it in a papoose. Oh wait, not that!

Oh man, he even tagged her. And when someone called him out for “mansplaining” to her, he wrote back:

“If she chooses to use her baby as a prop to promote yourself to 27 million people on Instagram, and she’s holding that baby in a dangerous way, it’s actually the duty of any caring human being to tell her so the baby comes to no harm.”

So… is she holding her baby in a dangerous way?

Actually, that’s not necessarily true, according to at least one expert — something random commenters are not. Yahoo Life reached out to not just a pediatrician but the chair of pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in California, Dr. Danelle Fisher. Dr. Fisher agreed that with younger babies, usually up to four months, the “head and neck muscles are still strengthening, so you want to support the head.”

Just FYI, Emily’s baby is three months old.

However, Dr. Fisher explained, it’s less about the exact age and ultimately a case-by-case basis judgment on the baby’s strength and development:

“We want to assess how well that baby can sit and position themselves, and respond to the needs of the baby.”

And once they can sit up on their own, “you don’t have to support the head as much.”

The Blurred Lines music video star could have explained all that, but instead she did what was probably the best thing for a new momma’s health — she turned off the comments.

What do YOU think of Emily’s reaction to mommy-shaming?

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