Face/Off star Romy Walthall dies at 57 after 'sudden cardiac arrest'

Romy Walthall, best known for starring in Face/Off and The House of Usher, has died aged 57, her son Morgan Krantz has confirmed.  

Krantz, an actor and director, told Variety she had died following sudden cardiac arrest.

In the 1997 action film Face/Off she played Kimberly, the secretary to John Travolta’s character Sean Archer.

Her other film roles include the thriller Thief of Hearts in 1984 and A Bunny’s Tale in 1985. It told the story of an undercover investigation into the working conditions of Bunnies at Playboy Clubs.

Her other film roles include My Brother The Pig in 1999, Camp Nowhere in 1994 and Surf Ninjas in 1993.  

Walthall also had a varied career in television, playing Audrey Wilkes in L.A. Law and Rita in the series Man of the People about a man with a shady past who replaces his wife on a city council.

Her most recent film credit was 0s & 1s in 2011 which Krantz co-wrote and starred in as James Pongo, a man whose life spirals after his computer goes missing. Walthall then retired from acting and became a teacher, Variety say, working in San Fernando Valley.

Her daughter Isabella paid tribute on Instagram, saying of her mother: ‘Thank you mommy for making me a hustler, a smooth talker, a cuddler, a dreamer. A LEFTY!  

‘My favorite things about me are because of you. But also my least favourite. My favourite memories are because of you and also my most haunting. You broke my heart but you made it whole. And it’s all beautiful.  


‘If I had it to do all over again I’d choose you every time. I will always always always love you ferociously. More than the moon with a fence around it! See you around mommy.’

A memorial was held for Walthall last week.

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