Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Take THIS, MerLuca Haters!

Ever since Grey’s Anatomy paired Meredith with DeLuca, fans have been complaining about it being the most random pairing in the history of the series. 

Thursday’s penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 just showed how much DeLuca cared about his woman, and it should help the haters get on board with the pairing. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you know that Meredith risked it all to operate on a patient without insurance. 

She went as far as committing insurance fraud by saying the patient’s name was Ellis Grey, her daughter’s.This allowed her own insurance to cover the life-saving surgery. 

Richard realized what Mer did, yelled at her a little, and joined in the plan with his own two cents about how Mer could get out of her pickle. 

It turns out, her hot Italian boyfriend was ready to take the fall! 

Yes, really. 

Bailey and Catherine spent much of the intense installment in meetings. DeLuca was later hauled in to answer questions. 

“It has come to light that Dr. Meredith Grey submitted her own daughter’s name to pay for Gabriella’s surgery and care, which is both fraud and a felony,” Catherine said to a stunned DeLuca. 

Catherine and DeLuca later went to find Meredith, and DeLuca dropped the bombshell. 

“Your patient, Gabby Rivera — I lied to you,” he said.

“She didn’t have insurance, and she shouldn’t have been admitted, but I wanted her to get the surgery very badly, so I didn’t tell anybody, so I put another name down on the paperwork. Your daughter’s name, Ellis.”

That was a pretty great way to his love to Mer, right?

In any case, DeLuca is headed for some jail time. There’s no way he gets away with this. 

Unless Grey’s is planning on offing another one of Mer’s lovers. That would suck. 

Elsewhere, Meredith tried to help Jo through her difficult time. It’s crazy how far these two have come. 

Meredith said that she could understand what Jo was going through because all of the trauma she’s been through over the years. 

This prompted Jo to lash out. 

“Was your mother raped by your father? Is that why you exist? Do you look like a rapist? Do you wear his face?” Jo yelled. “Okay then. I don’t think you do get this, so please go home.”

Meredith refused to leave, and Jo ultimately told her the full story. Meredith was adamant that Jo did not have to be defined by her past. 

“You have an enormous will, and an enormous heart, and an enormous capacity for survival,” Meredith said.

“You’ve taken all this darkness and used it to help people who are walking through the same.”

“You lined that hallway with women to help that woman who was hurting badly just hurt a little bit less,” she continued.

“You’ve taken your darkest experiences that life gave you, and you turned it around and turned it into light.”

“And if the woman who gave birth to you doesn’t want to see that, then that’s on her.”

Meredith then told Jo to get a shower because they were going to the hospital to speak to Alex and Bailey to get her some time off work to get her life back in order. 

Yay, right?

Looking ahead to next week, we have the fog on the horizon. Yes, really. Our heroes will have to contend with fog. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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