Jason Derulo Sends Racy Tweet to James Charles After His Account Gets Hacked

Additionally, the apparent hacker shares on Twitter a screenshot of the ‘Savage Love’ singer’s DMs with artist Imogen Heap, before writing in the caption, ‘d**k rider.’

AceShowbizJason Derulo is the latest victim of hacking. The “Take You Dancing” singer shocked fans when he appeared to tweet racy and insensitive stuff containing racial slurs and profanities to his nearly 4 million Twitter followers on Tuesday, January 12.

“All celebs that were hacked were chuckling squad, labelled or not it was us no1 else can do it just how we smoked addison rae [dixie d’amelio] anyone u can think off our victims #chuckling,” the hacker, who seemed to be hacker group Chuckling Squad, tweeted. “Shout out to my boy @marcdamelino the home dawg – remain.”

Not stopping there, the hacker also tweeted some racial and homophobic slurs while tagging beauty influencer James Charles. “shake sum a** yo sexy juicy f****t,” so the tweet read. James quickly caught wind of the tweet. He responded, “omg,” though the post has since been removed from his page.

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Additionally, the apparent hacker shared a screenshot of Jason’s DMs with artist Imogen Heap, writing in the caption, “d**k rider.”

The hacker also seemed to change Jason’s Twitter password to “jasonderulo,” making others able to access the account as well. “GUYS I COULD LOG IN TOO OMFHJFBF WHAT DO I TWEET WHAT DO I TWEET,” one successful fan announced, adding, “the password was jasonderulo lol.”

Instead of sympathizing, some Internet users opted to troll Jason for being hacked. In addition to the “Jason Derulo Has Fallen Down The Stairs” meme tweets, some others poked fun at the “Savage Love” hitmaker’s love for TikTok, saying, “Jason Derulo’s password was probably Ilovetiktok.”

Starting a conspiracy theory, another person asked, “what if jason derulo isn’t hacked what if he’s just going through it.”

Thankfully, Jason seemingly successfully took over his account later that day. All questionable tweets have been deleted from his page.

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