Jennifer Lopez pays a grief-stricken farewell to her late friend

Jennifer Lopez and husband Ben Affleck attended a Celebration of Life service for JR Ridinger on Sat

The event was held at the Faena Forum and included a host of the marketing genius’ celebrity friends and associates, some of whom danced, sang and performed to honour his life.

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Jennifer Lopez, 53, was accompanied by her 50-year-old husband Ben Affleck and her 13-year-old child, Emme, as she arrived at the Faena Forum to mark the life of millionaire businessman JR Ridinger.

He had died of a pulmonary embolism on his yacht back in September as he sailed just off the coast of Croatia.

Heartbroken Jennifer held onto her husband’s hand and gazed sorrowfully at him as she stepped out in a low-cut little black dress and peep toe heels.

At the venue, she sang in memory of the businessman and sat close to the late JR’s wife, Loren, who she described as her “beautiful friend”.

“Last night we celebrated JR’s life and even through all the deep pain and endless tears of the past month we got to smile, reminisce and even #DanceAgain… he would’ve loved it!!” she told her followers, before adding passionately: “True love never dies.”

Jennifer Lopez clutched her husband’s hand as she arrived for the service

Jennifer Lopez was tenderly kissed on the forehead and comforted by husband Ben Affleck at one point during the night, as she absorbed the magnitude of the loss.

Jennifer Lopez sat close to JR Ridinger’s wife, Loren, as the pair lamented their loss

JR and Loren had founded a multimillion dollar marketing company together, Market America, and it had sponsored numerous celebrity events over the years, so Jennifer Lopez had known him well

Kim Kardashian was also present at the funeral service

Reality star Kim Kardashian wore all black at the event, but clutched a holographic silver purse which reflected every hue of the rainbow for a splash of added colour.

Alicia Keys raised fans’ eyebrows when she wore pink at the event

Alicia Keys made the unconventional choice to go Barbiecore for the sombre occasion, wearing a neon pink cropped blazer at the funeral.

Jennifer Lopez reunited with rap star Ja Rule as the pair reminisced over the past

Ja Rule had been a huge part of Jennifer Lopez’s early music career, collaborating with her for hits like ‘I’m Real’ and ‘Ain’t It Funny’ and the pair performed together at the weekend in JR Ridinger’s name.

Jennifer Lopez sang as Alicia Keys played the piano

The party-goers chose to remember JR Ridinger’s life through the medium of music, as some of his celebrity pals put on an impromptu performance

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