Jeremy Clarkson hits out at Harry Maguire over arrest after his ‘preposterous excuse’

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, compared Harry Maguire’s excuse for the “fracas in a Mykonos bar” with that of Dominic Cummings’ now-famous Barnard Castle defence. The Downing Street advisor was criticised back in May after being spotted at the attraction during lockdown, explaining his 25-mile excursion was a trip to test his “eyesight”.

Lame and preposterous excuse

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy wrote: “After the fracas in a Mykonos bar, the enormously headed Harry Maguire tried to argue that he was merely trying to defend his sister, who’d been stabbed and fed a date rape drug by a bunch of Albanian gangsters.

“Not since we heard about the eye-testing drive to Barnard Castle have we heard such a lame and preposterous excuse,” he added in his The Sun column.

Despite the TV presenter’s views on Harry’s explanation as to why he was involved in a bar altercation, it seems as though the motor expert believed that he is probably not guilty of much wrongdoing. 

Jeremy shared his own troublesome experience with Greek police while on holiday several years ago.

He continued: “Let me begin by saying that I am not a Manchester United fan. I cheer, in fact, when they lose.

“So there is no footballing reason why I’d leap to the defence of their captain.

“But I feel duty bound to tell you a story . . . 

“Many years ago, on another Greek island, I was enjoying a night out when my girlfriend was touched up by a disgusting-looking Greek yobbo in a bar.”

Jeremy intervened by approaching the man, however he and his friends decided to take the motor presenter outside and “punch” him.

He recalled: “They tied me into an interesting reef knot and then, when I was lying helpless in the street, urinated all over me.

“In something of a state, I climbed into the Suzuki jeep I’d rented and, with my ­girlfriend and another couple who were on holiday with us, headed back to our holiday house.”

However unluckily for the former Top Gear presenter, he was pursued by the assailants on their “Japanese sport bikes”.

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Eventually they were cornered down an alleyway, where they rang police hoping to be rescued from the situation.

On arrival, the police decided to arrest Jeremy and his pal for allegedly “abusing the Greek flag”.

Though Jeremy stated he had not “seen a flag” and had done “nothing wrong” in the situation.

Eventually, the situation was resolved when the police attempted to take them to the “cells” and the car they were being held in broke down.

The TV personality and his friend saw a window of opportunity to get out the vehicle and scarper.

Harry was originally arrested after an altercation broke out on holiday and “feared for his life” during the incident.

The talented England centre back claimed that Greek officers hit his leg and claimed “no more football” during the altercation on August 21.

He maintained that he has no reason to apologise for his behaviour after he tried to take his younger sister Daisy to hospital, who was in and out of consciousness at the time. 

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