Jeremy Clarkson issues plea for help as he commits to new solo project: It’d be fun?

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After bringing to life his own 1,000 acre working farm and then being crowned the NFU’s (National Farmer’s Union) Farming Champion of the Year for promoting home-grown food through his hit Amazon Prime series, Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy Clarkson is on top of the world. But now, the 61-year-old is has his sights set on something else completely out of his usual remit.

Is there anyone old out there who knows how to run such an establishment?

Jeremy Clarkson

In a recent column for The Times, The Grand Tour presenter revealed he wants to open his own restaurant and hire older people to work there.

His longing for something fresh to focus on comes after he sat down and debated life and his future now that he’s in his 60s.

“I have 15 years left, and that’s plenty,” he shrugged.

“It took 15 years to get from my birth to my O-levels, and that felt like for ever.

“So there’s still time to cram in a lot more fun and games.

“Except, of course, there isn’t, because the perception of time is not constant.”

He went on to discuss how it “saddens” him to think that there are things he will now no longer be able to do, such as dive off a boat or ski down another black run.

“I may never see the dawn again either, unless I have to get up early for another annoying stagger to the loo,” he joshed.

“And things aren’t going to get any better, because soon there will be lumps and gristle and hip operations that will force me to spend what time I have left in a rocking chair, trying to finish an interesting story in the Reader’s Digest about azaleas.”

Jeremy admitted that he’s been very lucky in life, with his career having taken him all over the world where he’s endured some of the most incredible experiences known to man.

But he said he doesn’t want to admit he’s finished just because he’s getting older.

“I see lots of driven young people every day, but rarely do I see an older person charging round the place, all elbows and fire and steely determination,” he explained.

“Which means there’s a vast and experienced pool of talent going to waste.

“And that brings me on to a plea.”

He went on: “I have all the ingredients I need for my new restaurant but no clue how they might be turned into stuff that people might want to put in their mouths.

“So is there anyone old out there who knows how to run such an establishment?”

The TV star went on to reveal his visions for the restaurant that he hopes will be a success.

He added: “I want a kitchen full of pies and gravy and wipe-down chairs and Bad Company on the stereo and everyone exchanging bewildered looks when someone asks for the transgender lavatories.

“It’d be fun and that, as the clock ticks down to zero, is all we can hope for.”

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