Joss Stone Deported From Iran in Quest to Perform in Every Country

Singer Joss Stone just had her dreams dashed of performing in every country in the world, because she was just booted from Iran.

Joss has performed in every other country in the world, including North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Iran was her last stop in her 5-year long quest.

The British soul singer says she knew the trip to Iran was problematic, since women can’t perform at public venues. This is where it gets confusing. She suggests she was going to perform but it would not be a public concert, thus circumventing the prohibition.  

Nevertheless, upon arrival she says she was detained by Iranian immigration authorities and deported the following morning.

Stone actually praises the people who detained her, saying they were “the most friendly charming and welcoming immigration people.” She says they expressed regret to her that she would have to leave.

And, now the confusing part. She says, “We were the ones that should have been apologising for not having our correct paper work.” This makes it sound like she might have been able to stay but for not getting the correct documentation.

So close. 

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