Judi Love defends Love Islander AJ Bunker after backlash over her age

Judi Love has leapt to the defence of former Love Island star AJ Bunker – revealing that she'd love to be part of the ITV team who do the casting for the hit ITV2 show.

Writing in her latest OK! column, the Loose Women star explains why this series has been "hard to watch" and lifts the lid on what else she's been doing this week, including returning to the stage and tuning in to Netflix's sensational series Sex/Life.

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Back On Stage

I’m hosting my comedy show, Judi Love and Friends, this week. I’m feeling nervous and excited. I cannot explain the feeling that you have as a stand-up comedian when you get on stage. Nothing can compare to the laughter and the engagement you have with the audience. It’s been over a year since I’ve been on stage connecting with my audience and doing what I love the most.

Freedom Day

On Sunday night, I saw a massive queue of people lining up to get into a club! It shocked me because we’re all so used to being in groups of six and distancing. I was taken aback. I was glad I was on the other side of the road. But, at the same time, it made me realise how much young people have missed out on.

We need to remember that yes, it’s been a pandemic for Covid, but it’s also opened up pandemics in loneliness, mental health and financial difficulties too. I went out to the shops yesterday and I realised I didn’t have to wear my face mask. It felt so weird to just stop wearing it altogether. But the nice thing is, if I’m in a shop and I feel a bit claustrophobic, it’s nice to have the choice to take off.

Mental Health MOT

I’m sad to say it, but I do think there will be another lockdown. It’s something we’ve got to learn to live with now. It’s really made me prioritise my self-care. I now have therapy after my dad died, and I think we really need to champion people seeking therapy. Especially in the black community and not feeling ashamed by it.

It’s a safe space for you to reflect and understand what you’re feeling in these difficult times. A said to my friend the other day, ‘Why do we have to leave it until something is wrong?’ We have an MOT on our cars, so why is checking in on yourself seen as something so strange? Checking in on yourself and your well being should be a priority.

Age Is A Number

The amount of backlash AJ has received about looking older than 28 is unbelievable. It’s been hard to watch that. It is shocking that people have come at this girl looking older than her age, but it shows people forget how much younger all of the other islanders are. I’d love to help out with the Love Island casting. Not in a disrespectful way, but I could pick a real mixed bag of people and it would be so entertaining to watch.

Ex For A Reason

I watched the whole series of Sex'Life in one sitting. It was a great programme to binge-watch. We see the main character happy with her husband, who was a good guy on paper, but she knows deep down she still has a sexual connection with her ex. It made me think about when you’ve met someone new in your life and how much of your real self do you put forward? I

n her case, because she wasn’t open about her desires from sex, it leaves a space open for the ex to come back. It’s important to always remember why we made them an ex in the first place. Sometimes they’re an ex because of circumstances, or you’re both in different stages in life. You need to ask yourself, ‘Will getting back together make me happy?’ and whether your ex only wants you back now because they’ve realised what they’ve lost.

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