Kanye West Makes Nice with Kris Jenner, Says He Misses Jay-Z

Kanye West is reminiscing about the good ‘ol days — when he was tight with Jay-Z and Kris Jenner — and, for now, he’s making moves to make nice.

Ye started putting his feelings out there late Monday night when he tweeted a seemingly heartfelt message about Hova — “Miss my bro … real talk.” Kanye attached a screengrab of rap’s former dynamic duo performing “Otis” at the 2011 VMAs.

He was still feeling those bridge-building good vibes Tuesday morning when he said, “My mother in law Kris Jenner … makes the best music playlist.”

As you know from Ye’s Twitter rants over the last few weeks, he’s taken direct shots at Kris … such as referring to her as “Kris Jong-Un” and accusing her of peddling Kim‘s sex tape.

As we reported … Kanye said last month he wants Jay-Z as his running mate … even though he’d already picked Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball as his running mate. No need to worry, if Jay accepts the VP invite — highly doubtful, though — Kanye says Tidball told him she’d be down to take another position in his cabinet.

Unclear what’s triggered peaceful Ye, but his recent family time with Kim and their 4 kids might be a good indicator. The fam took off from the Dominican Republic over the weekend to go glamping.

Wherever they are, it’s working for Kanye!

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