Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry got in fighting shape for ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’

Because we are good children we have now been blessed with “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum.” The third installment of super adrenaline, superfueled, super action, super lousy rotten badass assassin John Wick a k a Keanu Reeves.

Keanu, whose coal black hair twinkles with silver strands: “I fight in this, but I never got hurt in any of the action. It goes fast. We fight with knives. But we’ve learned the moves in advance. Everybody trains. Like five months advance training six to seven hours every day with a stunt team. It’s well-programmed. There are directors, an action team, choreographers. I love the role.”

So being he’s a rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ Fig Newton killer, what did he plan to do about Mother’s Day?

“Oh, I love my mother. Since she’s not going to be right with me right on Sunday, I’ll call and tell her how much I love her.”

Halle Berry. Hustled into “a changing room,” she re-emerged in a black jumpsuit. Tight. Snug as a bug in a hug. “I play Sofia, an assassin trained by John Wick. She’s into lots of big-time martial arts. Listen, it was serious training for this and the hardest I ever had to do. Besides everything else, I even had to do dog training. My character has two dogs who fight with her, and she has to control them. This wasn’t easy.”

What about Mother’s Day?

“It’s the only day I care about. I just want to love my kids. I work hard so I can be around them and near them and feel their love. That’s all I care about.”

Producer Basil Iwanyk: “Keanu’s the sweetest and nicest. A pure, decent loving soul who never complains and works hard, and we all love him.”

Anjelica Huston. “Y’know, we filmed a lot of this in New York. Mine’s a small role. A cameo. I’m the director of a school for junior assassins and a mother figure to John Wick. I did this because I’m Keanu’s longtime fan. I love him. He has such sensibility.”

And Mother’s Day? “My mother’s gone. She would have been 90. I’m saying a prayer for her, and I’ll light a candle.”

Inside the premiere’s Brooklyn theater was a glass case of wristwatches and the sign: “Manero. In action on the wrist of Keanu Reeves as John Wick.” Definitely would’ve beaten a box of M&M’s for Mama.

Please pay attention

Baryshnikov hit Russian Samovar Restaurant. No tables available. They seated him upstairs in Siberia, where he and Sarah Jessica once filmed a “Sex and the City” scene . . . WANT more Russian stuff? Comes now a request to me for an interview from “a major Russian language network.” I told them the equivalent of “Shove it” . . . “Clinton Road,” with Ice-T and Dionne Warwick’s granddaughter Cheyenne, is Noel Ashman’s chiller about a road’s supernatural phenomena. It won Garden State’s best horror feature.

Schmatta sale

Ivy Supersonic (Brooklyn birth certificate name is Silberstein) sold her high-class Bad Ass designer jeans to Lil’ Kim for $4,500. Tommy Lee’s feathered hat went for $1,500. Chuck Zito, who somehow blew the Vogue cover, has T-shirts. Model of elegance Andrew Dice Clay (real name: Silverstein) schleps around in Bad Ass T-shirts. Far as I know, semi-king Prince William has so far not placed an order.

At the Cutting Room, Cousin Brucie Morrow introduced the play “3 Egg Creams” by demonstrating how to make the thing: milk, Brooklyn seltzer, Fox’s chocolate, finish off with pretzels. In the Class A audience, actor Joe Morton and “The Sopranos’ ” Federico Castelluccio. They were not drinking any egg creams.

And this could only be in New York, kids, only in New York.

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