Kendall Jenner reveals a choppy, layered haircut on Elle: cute & 90s?

Kendall Jenner covers the August issue of Elle Magazine. It’s not a traditional cover profile of some hot young celebrity lady with an out-of-touch interview about how hard it is to be famous. Kendall has done plenty of those, don’t get me wrong. But for this issue, they didn’t bother interviewing her. She was just a model for hire, and it’s just a huge editorial for fall fashion. People are vaxxed, waxed and ready to FASHION!

So in lieu of actual words from Kendall to dissect and discuss, let’s just talk about the fashion and the modeling! Elle definitely wants us to believe that the Fall 2021 season will be all about: slender legs, boots, corsets, flannel, granny panties and choppy-layered haircuts. Honestly, I’m kind of fine with all of that? Minus the skinny legs, I don’t have skinny legs. But I’m all for layering flannel shirts over prairie dresses and boots and choppy haircuts. This is how our asses used to dress in the 1990s. It’s coming back!

As for Kendall… I don’t think much of her modeling skills most of the time, but she’s fine in this editorial. She seems to have toned down the lip injections too, and with this haircut, she looks less like Ali McGraw and more like… I don’t know, a ‘90s rocker. A little bit Winona-esque, right?

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Photos and covers courtesy of Elle.

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