Lady Gaga's Tour Wardrobe Reportedly Has Its Own Personal Security Team

Lady Gaga is gearing up for her Chromatica Ball Tour, and apparently her wardrobe will be so iconic and fancy that it needs its own private security team. Reasonable! Normal! As it should be! Anyway, The Sun reports that Gaga has hired round-the-clock security for her outfits on tour, some of which were designed by Versace.

“The designer clothes, including designs by Versace that Lady Gaga will be wearing, are priceless because they have been made especially for her,” a source says. “There are lots of outfits which are being guarded 24/7 because they are so precious and her team doesn’t want them being damaged or seen by anyone.”

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And please be advised are a lot of pieces to keep an eye on. “She loves a costume change so there’s a lot of clothes to guard,” the source noted. “Rehearsals have been intense for weeks and obviously everyone has been forbidden from filming or taking photos to ensure everything is a surprise on opening night. It will be an absolute spectacle.”

Truly, imagine your full time job being obsessively guarding Lady Gaga’s clothes. The dream!

FYI, Gaga’s tour begins this Sunday in Düsseldorf, Germany, and according to Billboard it is already on track to gross $4 million per show in the U.S. alone. In other words: she can afford hiring a fleet of security guards for her wardrobe.

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