Lil Nas X Trolls With Funny ‘Apology Video’ for Controversial Satan Shoes Containing Human Blood

Lil Nas X is trolling again.

The 21-year-old “Montero” superstar shared a video of himself “apologizing” for his controversial new shoewear collab, the “Satan shoes,” on Sunday (March 28).

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The pair of shoes, crafted from the Nike Air Max ’97, was created in collaboration with the MSCHF, and reportedly features a pentagram pendant, “Luke 10:18″ on the side, and contains 60cc ink and one drop of human blood. There will be 666 pairs, and will go for over $1,000 dollars a pair on Monday (March 29), according to Saint.

“Okay guys, I see everybody’s been talking about this shoe, and I just want to come forward and say,” he started, before the clip abruptly cut to his lap dancing scene from “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

One director is speaking out about the music video amid accusations of copying.

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