Lizzo Manifesting Her Fantasy About Doing Body Shots Off a Naked Chris Evans Is Giving Us Life

If Lizzo and Chris Evans’ ongoing DM-ship is one of the only things making you believe there’s good energy left in the universe, then welcome to my new support group. It’s for people who ship Lizzo and Chris Evans *almost* as hard as Lizzo ships Lizzo and Chris Evans and it’s a good vibes only zone.

During an interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM this week, the “Truth Hurts” singer/certified queen revealed that she and Chris have moved into the “at least kind of/vaguely planning to meet in person” stage of their flirtation.

“Listen, that Taurus-Gemini energy, honey—it’s unmatched,” Lizzo said. “We have plans—well, we don’t have plans—but he did say he will come to a show and I was like, ‘OK, shots on me.’ And he said, ‘No, shots on me.'”

She then went on to describe her personal Chris-visits-her-on-tour fantasy and it’s perfection.

“So, here’s my scenario. He’s naked in the green room,” she said. “And he has body shots all on his chest. And I walk in and I slowly just suck them off. OK. Sorry. Next question.”

And, if you’re new to the support unabashed stan group, here’s a little highlight reel of Lizzo and Chris’ internet love story:

June 2019: Lizzo low-key proposes to Chris on Twitter.

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