Lorraine Kelly breaks silence after missing chat show due to illness

GMB hosts wish Lorraine Kelly well as she goes home ill

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Lorraine Kelly, 63, fell ill on Wednesday just minutes before Lorraine was due to be aired after coming down with a “hideous bug”. The ITV presenter has now shared a health update with her fans after missing three shows, letting them know she will be back on Monday.

On Wednesday’s show, Good Morning Britain presenters Ed Balls and Kate Garraway were hoping to cross over to Lorraine, but no one was there.

They then confirmed that Lorraine had been sent home after feeling unwell, with the presenter confirming what happened on Twitter.

She wrote in view of her 738,400 Twitter followers: “When you have to be sent home from work early in the morning because you are suddenly attacked by a hideous bug and were looking forward to interviewing @adamlambert THAT!

“Beyond disappointed but imagine if I had infected him !!!!!!”

Lorraine has now shared a further update after a fan questioned the presenter when she will be returning to work.

Hosieryhangeruk said: “@reallorrraine hope you are feeling better Lorraine?”

Lorraine replied: “Much better ta – see you Monday xx.”

Many social media users rushed to the comments to share their happiness that the presenter was of good health.

JohnReily250 said: “Glad you’re on the mend lorraine. Xx.”

VWViv added: “I don’t know which I’d feel was worse…the bug or missing @adamlambert.”

However, as Lorraine did not disclose her illness, many were concerned she may have contracted Covid.

Lorraine was replaced on the show by Ranvir Singh who wished Lorraine well before revealing that she got the unexpected call from her bosses to do the show.

She added: “I got a call from the editor at 7.18 and I was on the train at 7.30.”

Torrampaul said: “Hope it’s not that Winter Vomiting Bug that I had. It’s horrendous.

“One minute I was fine, the next I was horrific!”

The contagious sickness bug has been sweeping the country – and especially London – in recent weeks.

It comes only a few weeks after Lorraine nearly missed her show for the first time after an alarm clock blunder.

Having made it, she later explained on the show: “I don’t know what happened to me. I woke up at two o’clock in the morning but I thought I was late. Maybe I need glasses.

“But I got up, got ready and wondered whilst all the clocks were at 2. I thought something was wrong with the clocks.

“I must have just been in a really deep sleep and then started panicking.”

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