Lydia Bright reveals she’s been diagnosed with post-viral fatigue after battling bad infection

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Former TOWIE star Lydia Bright has told fans she's been diagnosed with post-viral fatigue after dealing with a nasty infection.

The star, 30, explained her absence from social media by writing: "Hey everyone, I am always so present on Instagram and this month I have been so hit and miss. Instead of apologising for my absence, I am going to explain what the hell is going on."

Lydia continued: "Some of you may remember me saying that I was feeling unwell around a month ago. I kept putting off going to the doctors because of work, being a mum, social commitments and things just got worse and worse. I was battling a bad virus and infection and I didn't give my health the attention it needed. I have now been diagnosed with post viral fatigue, which is making me feel like a zombie."

The mum-of-one continued: "I know this will all pass and I do think everything happens in life for a reason. Maybe this was the sign I needed to slow down, as I am guilty of trying to do too much at times."

On the next slide, Lydia wrote: "Anyway, I just wanted to explain. It's ok to not be ok sometimes. I'm fed up, deflated and exhausted. But I know nothing lasts forever."

Lydia is often open about her feelings with fans on her Instagram page and last month, she detailed her emotion after dropping daughter Loretta, one, off at nursery.

She posted a super cute photo of her little girl playing in a 'touch and feel' section of her new nursery. Loretta, who turned one in February, was dressed in a beige jumpsuit and had a cute bow in her hair.

Captioning the post, Lydia wrote: "Loretta’s first day at nursery. Saying goodbye to my foster sisters yesterday was so hard.

"This time was tougher than normal, as I was also heartbroken for Loretta. She had made the most magical bond with the girls. Although she doesn’t quite understand what’s happening, I know she will really miss their presence.

"I am not sure if any other mums can relate but I really battled with the idea of sending Loretta to nursery. I felt awful mum guilt for needing more time for me and more time for work."

Lydia – who recently had a hair update and looks just like mum Debbie – continued: "However, when I knew the girls were moving onto their forever family, I decided it was the change Loretta needed to help fill the void."

The star – who shares her daughter with ex Lee Cronin – added: "Today was her first introduction day, she loved all the toys and loved seeing new friends. I am a little nervous for the day I leave her there, as we are rarely apart. But I know she is going to have some magical memories here and I can’t wait for my two child free days a week. To get started on new work projects, start house hunting and maybe actually get a social life back."

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