Lynne Spears Has Filed Docs Asking To Be Looped In To Brit Brit's Mental Health Treatment

When the podcast Britney’s Gram claimed that Britney Spears was being held against her will in a mental institution after refusing to take her meds, the #FreeBritney movement was born. What slightly pushed #FreeBritney away from totally sounding like a conspiracy theory from crazy fans wearing tinfoil hats made out of inside/out Cheetos bags was that Brit Brit’s mom Lynne Spears liked Facebook posts about #FreeBritney. And now Lynne is putting her Facebook likin’ finger where her mouth is (just pretend that makes sense) by demanding to know what is going on with her daughter’s mental health treatment. That tells me that Lynne doesn’t know what’s been going on with her daughter’s situation. That’s weird to me as someone with a mother who knows everything and anything about him at all times and has called his drunk ass at 10pm on a Friday night to say, “Don’t even think of opening up a second bottle of wine,” as I’m about to open up a second bottle of wine.

Britney put out an Instagram video saying to not believe the rumors, and even her lil’ sissy Jamie Lynne Spears threatened to shank a trick about the allegations. But the #FreeBritney movement lives, partly thanks to Miley Cyrus just being Miley (and by that I mean, being an attention whore). The Blast says that there’s a hearing about Brit’s conservatorship this Friday, and Lynne filed papers this morning asking to be included. Daddy Spears is currently the sole conservator and Lynne has never been involved in it.

Sources say that Lynne has always gotten her info from Daddy Spears and now she wants it directly from the court. She supposedly talked to Daddy Spears before filing the request. Lynne and DS got divorced in 2002, but he lured her back into his loins with his wooden grits-stirring ladle in 2010. They broke up again sometime after that.

TMZ says that Lynne isn’t asking to be a conservator. But Lynne wants to be more involved after hearing those #FreeBritney tales of her daughter being held against her will. Although, TMZ still claims that’s not legally possible since the type of conservatorship that Brit is under doesn’t allow her to be held against her will or forced to take meds. Lynne shares a BFF4Ever pendant with the First Lady of Louisiana, and that’s how she found her lawyer.

According to our sources, Lynne, who is best friends with the wife of Louisiana’s Governor, got the help of the Governor’s family to find a lawyer … it is unclear if the lawyer who is now representing Lynne was the one recommended. But, it looks like Lynne believes some of the stories she’s read and is now angling for a voice in her daughter’s treatment.

Who knows if Lynne is going to show up to the actual hearing, but if she does, expect it to be even more of a chaotic mess. Because a million #FreeBritney protesters are going to show (aka the 12 who successfully called in sick to their job) and after they high-five Lynne as she runs in to the Rocky theme, they’re going to scream as Jamie Lynne shows up to bust some hillbilly revenge on them.


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