Madison Beer Calls Out ‘Big Creators with Platforms’ For Not Social Distancing: ‘Stop Being Selfish’

Madison Beer is really upset at seeing some creators not taking the current health crisis seriously.

The 21-year-old singer took to Instagram story to share a note about how she’s feeling about some people.

“it’s REALLLLLYYY getting under my skin watching some big creators with platforms (let alone anyone) genuinely not give two f–ks about his GLOBAL PANDEMIC TAKING LIVES,” she wrote. “y’all would be acting real real different if someone you knew or loved was at risk. act the same for other people’s families and loved ones. you hanging out in large groups and mixing friends and so on can literally be infecting so many other people???????? what don’t you get”

“i’m genuinely livid right now. when you and your friends go to another friends house and hang out in any size group let alone a group of 10+ people, if ONE of you is sick, now more than likely all of you are, and when you go eat or go to a pharmacy or do very normal every day things (which you still shouldn’t be doing) YOU COULD GET SOMEONE WHO IS AT RISK OF F–KING DYING SICK,” Madison added.

She also told people to “stop being f–king slefish. this isn’t a joke.”

ICYMI: Madison shared some streaming recommendations for your quarantine viewing.

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