MAFS UK’s Jordan confesses he went away with another cast member after Chanita split

Married At First Sight UK's Jordan went on holiday with another cast member after he split from show wife Chanita.

The 29 year old took to Instagram to reveal he had jetted off to Ibiza with the unnamed cast member, but said that he wasn't allowed to make it known as the Channel 4 show had not yet aired, with details of his split from Chanita, 29.

Posting a snap of himself on a jet ski, Jordan wrote: “So I went to Ibiza with another cast member back in July and at the time I had to hide it from everyone as it was before MAFS was on.”

He left his Instagram followers hanging though, as he posted a poll for them to guess who the mystery person was.

He asked his fans whether they thought it was Kwame, Zoe, Duka or Thomas, and Duka – who was coupled up with Whitney on the show – won the majority of his followers' votes.

Jordan is yet to reveal whether they were right about who he went on holiday with, however, he and Duka were known to be good friends so it's likely it was him.

Fans of MAFS were shocked when they found out that Jordan had split from Chanita after they reaffirmed their vows near to the end of the show.

Jordan cited his reason being that he couldn't see a future with Chanita, leaving her devastated.

Since the show ended, Jordan publicly apologised to her, via a statement on Instagram.

He wrote: “So you may have noticed I have been really quiet on my socials lately, I needed to give myself adequate time to digest/reflect on the experience and to get myself into a position to tackle everyone’s opinion and the hate which comes with it.

"I can’t express how difficult it has been to deal with the fact that I have upset Chanita to the extent I have, I am not a bad person, but I handled the situation badly, and I take full accountability and have learnt an important lesson.

“If I could turn back the clock and change things I would but unfortunately that’s not possible.”

Jordan continued: “As with anyone in the world, I have my own feelings and my own flaws. I don’t handle my emotions the best at times, I sometimes don’t think logically and my impulsiveness gets me into situations that I don’t want to be in.”

He insisted that he was “100% myself” on the show and “wasn’t trying to portray a certain image” or be “fake”, and shared that “all I wanted was to find love.”

Jordan said: “I think going into these shows you need to remind yourself that you are open for judgement, regardless of the tiny percentage of your relationship that people see, and that you need to fully accept and appreciate the opinion of those watching.

“I am getting plenty of messages telling me I will never get better, how I have messed up and how I am an idiot (they are phrased a bit more harshly), but I need to remind myself that I have my own feelings, and I am the only person accountable for my feelings.”

Jordan then praised Chanita, as he said: “Chanita is an amazing person, I still have strong feelings and I care for her more than she will ever know. From the bottom of my heart, all I want is for her to be happy.

“I am so grateful that we shared this experience together. We have laughed, cried, and experienced every other emotion in between with each other. We truly seen and done it all, and I love us for that.

“We continue to speak every day, and I will do everything I can to try and keep her in my life. Thank you for the love and support, it’s been a crazy ride #mafsuk”.


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