Marlo Hampton of 'RHOA' Mourns The Loss of One of Her Nephews

Though she’s been on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for several seasons, Marlo Hampton gained a legion of new fans who loved a new side of her that she showcased on the show, now that she takes care of her nephews. Unfortunately, an older nephew that doesn’t stay with the reality star has passed away.

She became a fan-favorite this past season because of her storyline with her younger nephews

Throughout the most recent season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Hampton got a lot of love from fans due to her storyline about raising her younger nephews. She was granted custody of her nephews after her sister was admitted to a mental health facility. In one episode in particular, she stood out when Porsha Williams held her first event as a celebrity ambassador for March of Dimes. 

Another Friend of the Housewives, Tanya Sam, first told a story about not struggles with conceiving a child. Then, Hampton surprisingly talked about her struggles to conceive a child as well. She revealed that she had two unsuccessful pregnancies in her life. She emotionally discussed how this has impacted her life.

During the episode, she said, “I love children. I have 16 nieces and nephews. Of course, how would I not want a child of my own? Things that have happened to me in my past made that a problem. I’ve had two ectopic pregnancies and I was so mad at God for so long like, ‘Why me? Why can’t I have a baby? Why can’t I have someone to love me forever?’” 

Here’s what she said about raising two of her nephews

In an interview The Daily Dish earlier this year, Hampton spoke about being a parent now and taking part in a Black Lives Matter PSA that her nephews also participated in.

“Becoming a full-time parent to two young black boys has given me a new outlook on life,” she said. “I realize now more than ever that I need to use my voice to take action against the repeated acts of racism and violence on African American men and women. Black lives matter and it is my duty to work to improve human rights so that my boys and our children can live in a better world. It was important for me to reach out and involve my sisters at Bravo, we text and DM about gossip and fashion all the time, but this was about unifying our voices for a cause that is bigger than us!”

Another one of her nephews passed away this month

Recently on Instagram, Hampton revealed that another of her nephews, Quinten McNeil, died at the age of 34.

“Rest in Peace to my nephew Quentin a.k.a. Memphis Mack, taken from us too soon,” she wrote in part on Instagram. “I never imagined I would be saying goodbye to another family member so soon. He was the life of the party, he always kept it real, we had our moments, because neither one of us knew how to hold our slick tongues, But I Loved my nephew dearly.”

She continued, “He was a great cook, son, brother, friend, cousin, grandson and nephew. Quentin we will miss you dearly.”

Our thoughts are with Hampton and all of McNeil’s loved ones at this time.

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